Hume- H36-378 Holley Carburettor Installation & Tuning DVD


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High Quality Holley Carburettor

Introducing the best thing to happen in carburettor installation & tuning since the invention of the wrench. Everything you ever wanted to know about Holley carburettors is included in this 2 hour DVD. It includes 3D virtual tours, exploded views of actual carburettors, step-by-step under hood installation, advanced tuning & troubleshooting. Plus, being a DVD means it is interactive so you can easily find the chapters you need without watching the full two hours.

Everything you need to know about H36-378 Holley Carburettor Installation & Tuning DVD


  • High quality professionally produced visual learning aide allows users to “see” how to install & tune a Holley carburettor. No more reading books & trying to understand still pictures
  • Virtual tours of 4160 vacuum secondary carbs, 4150 vacuum & mechanical secondary, as well as 4165 & 4175 spread bores
  • Complete under-hood installation video covering various throttle hook-ups, transmission kick-downs, chokes, quick start tuning initial settings, manifold compatibility etc.
  • Complete advanced tuning section covering every tunable part of a Holley carburettor
  • Trouble shooting section covering bogs, hesitations, cold & hot starting, flooding, misses, backfires, rough idle etc.
  • Additional engine trouble shooting section for issues commonly mistaken as carburettor problems
  • Bonus section including intake manifold installation & distributor install/ignition hook-up
  • Glossary of terms & tools sections
  • How-to-use this disc section

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