HP21-79 Throttle body screw (12-24 x 13/16″L)


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These base screws are used to mount the baseplate to main body
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Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm
Holley Base Plates and Parts

HP21-79 Throttle body screw (12-24 x 13/16″L), HP22-84 Throttle Plate Screw – Brass, HP22-35B Throttle plate Stainless Button Head, HP22-89 Throttle plate screw- 4500, HP57-100 4500 THROTTLE STOP SCREW, HP15-47 Throttle shaft bush- Teflon .015″x.113×1.2, HP62-733 G.M STYLE THROTTLE LEVER, HP57-62 4500 SEC THROTTLE LEVER & BUSHING ASSEMBLY, HP62-53 VACUUM SECONDARY SHAFT, HP62-50 SECONDARY THROTTLE SHAFT – 4150 MODEL, HP62-52 PRIMARY THROTTLE SHAFT LIST 3310, HP57-48 4500 PRIM THROTTLE LEVER (SOFT PROGRESSIVE), HP62-56 PRIMARY THROTTLE SHAFT (1:1 LINKAGE), HP62-55 PRIM THROTTLE W/KICKDOWN LEVER -3310, HP62-65 THROTTLE SHAFT 500CFM LIST 4412, HP62-394A 830 THROTTLE ARM (OUTER ARM ONLY), GENUINE 350 CFM HOLLEY BASE PLATE 7448, HOLLEY 600 DP BARE BASE PLATE 4776, HP RACE SERIES HOLLEY BARE BASE PLATE 950 / 1000 CFM, HP60-47 Holley Base Plate 500 CFM 4412 LIST NUMBER, HP60-73 Holley Base Plate 750 CFM, GENUINE HOLLEY 350 CFM BASE PLATE COMPLETE 7448 HOLLEY LIST, GENUINE HOLLEY COMPLETE BASE PLATE 1850, HP60-48 Holley Base Plate 850 CFM


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