Cotton Air Filter Cleaning Kit


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Cotton Filter Service Kit – Oil & Cleaner
To keep your engine performing at its peak you need to regularly service your performance cotton filter. Failing to service your filter leaves it clogged with contaminants which decrease engine performance and increase fuel consumption. Depending on your driving conditions, you should clean your filter every 30,000km using a service kit. In dusty conditions, clean more frequently.

Redline Sports Cotton Filter service kit can be used to clean any cotton air filter on the market today. It cleans your cotton filter of contaminants and restores its filter efficiency with a fresh oil treatment.

Made in Australia, for Australian conditions, with quality ingredients to deliver the best performance when servicing your filter.

Redline Sports Filter Service kit includes everything you need to maintain and service your reusable air filter. This kit includes 1 x 250ml Redline Air Filter Cleaner and 1 x 150g Redline Air Filter Oil.

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