0-90770 770 CFM Four Barrel Carburettor

Dichromate finish, Manual choke, Power valve blowout protection, Dual metering blocks, Dual feed fuel inlets, Model 4150 w/centre hung floats, 100% wet flow tested and calibrated, Mechanical secondaries (Dual accelerator pumps)


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Designed For Off-Road Truck Enthusiast, No Trouble Adjustable Vacuum Secondary, Model 4150, 4th Generation No Trouble Power Valve, Built-In No Trouble Fuel Inlet Filter, Viton Transfer Tube Seals, H.V.S. Annular Boosters for Incredible Low and Mid Range Throttle Response, Adjustable No Trouble Spring Loaded Needle and Seats, No Trouble Electric Choke, Four Vacuum Ports, No Throuble Metering Block prevents Fuel Spill Over Through Boosters, Up to 40 Degree Flood Free Climbing Maneuvers, Up to 30 Degree Side Hill Maneuvers and Nose Down Descents, Single Feed Fuel Inlet, Square Fuel Bowls w/Side Hung Floats, Exclusive No Trouble One Piece Off-Road Vent Tube, Durable Dichromate Finish, Clear Sight Plugs.



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