0-80787-1 350 CFM Two Barrel Race Carburettor

Dichromate finish, Manual choke, Power valve blowout protection, Dual metering blocks, Dual feed fuel inlets, Model 4150 w/centre hung floats, 100% wet flow tested and calibrated, Mechanical secondaries (Dual accelerator pumps)


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No Choke Hardware, Choke Related Provisions are Deleted, Sealed Choke Rod Hole, No External Vacuum Sources, Uses Straight-type Accelerator Pump Nozzle to Prevent any Possibility of Fuel Pullover, Durable Composite Accelerator Pump Arm, 30cc GFLT Accelerator Pump Diaphragm System, Power Valve Blow-out Protection, Welded Throttle Lever and Shaft Assembly, Low-profile Buttonhead Throttle Plate, Adjustable Screw-in Air Bleeds, Reinforced HP Metering Blocks, Fuel Slosh/Vent Baffles Installed, Reusable Nylon Fuel bowl Screw Gaskets, Stainless Steel Throttle Plates with Drilled Air Bypass Holes, Metal Cup Plug Sealed Throttle Shaft, 5/16 Air Cleaner Mounting Stud, All Parts Fully Comply with the Technical Gauging Now in Use, Venturii Casting Rings are Reamed to Legal Dimensions, 100% Wet Flow Tested and Calibrated, Dichromate Finish, Metering Block with Changeable Emulsion Bleeds.

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