Rochester Primary Metering Rod Spring


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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm
Rochester Parts

ROCHESTER PRIMARY METERING ROD SPRING, ROCHESTER FUEL FILTER ELEMENT, ROCHESTER QUADRAJET SPREAD CARBURETTOR, GENUINE HOLDEN ROCHESTER QUADRAJET IDLE UP SOLENOID 603 4 BARREL, ROCHESTER / QUADRAJET DIVORCE CHOKE LINK ROD HK HT HG HQ HJ, ROCHESTER CHOKE PULL OFF 601 CHEVY, R13 Rochester Base Gasket – THICK, H11 Air Cleaner Gasket, Secondary Well Seal, Plastic Fuel Filter Element, Rochester Adjusting Tool, R24 Rochester 601 Base, Rochester Stainless Steel, R14 Rochester 601 Base Gasket, Rochester Choke Lever, Accelerator Rod Retainer, Accelerator Pump Cup suit Rochester 601, Accelerator Pump Cup Garter Spring, Accelerator Pump Check Ball, Accelerator Pump Cup suit Rochester 602/603, Rochester 601 Compensator, Choke Cover Clamp, Rochester Tube-Choke, Choke Housing Seal, Choke Cover Gasket – Rochester carburettor, ROCHESTER 603 CHOKE PULL OFF ROD, Choke Pull Rod Rochester 601, Choke Pull Rochester 603, Power Piston Spring Rochester 603A, Secondary Needles (pair), Rochester Idle Tube .035″ 1.5″ Long, Fuel Inlet Nut Rochester 603A, Rochester Main Jet size .076, Rochester Main Jet – size .071 (pair), Needle & Seat .134″, Needle & Seat .125″, Rochester Electric Choke, Choke Pull Off (Cadillac) Rochester 603, Choke Pull Off Rochester 602, Choke Pull Off Rochester 601, Nitrophyl Float suit Rochester 603, Nitrophyl Float suit Rochester 602, Nitrophyl Float suit Rochester 601, Paper Fuel Filter Element suit Rochester 601


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