QSL-450-VS QuickFuel 450 CFM Slayer Vac Sec


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Slayer Series street carburetors are designed with many of the same innovations and features that are built into all QFT™ race-winning carburetors, including changeable air bleeds and power valve channel restrictions. It’s designed with a secondary metering plate with changeable jets, and features all aluminum components for additional weight savings. All Slayer Series carburetors are equipped with universal throttle levers to accommodate Ford A/T kickdown, GM 700 R4 mounting holes, and ability to mount brackets for Chrysler vehicles. Slayer Series are available in 450, 600, and 750 cfm vacuum secondary models.
• Vacuum Secondaries
• Electric Choke
• Single Metering Block
• Secondary Metering Plate
• Cast Aluminum Throttle Body
• Single Sight Glass Windows
• Changeable Air Bleeds
• Adjustable Needles & Seats

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