QHR-450 QuickFuel Hot Rod Series 450 CFM DP


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The Hot Rod Series is a versatile performer designed for the most discerning street enthusiast. Featuring lightweight die-cast aluminum components, the HR-Series offer all the tunability you would expect from more expensive racing carburetors, including changeable bleeds, idle feed, power valve channel restrictions, and four-corner idle. Offered in either vacuum or mechanical secondary models, all Hot Rod Series carburetors feature electric chokes and dual metering blocks for added performance. Now available in a 450 cfm model for applications with small displacement engines.
•All models feature a fully adjustable electric choke for easy starting
•Dual metering blocks w/4-corner idle for smooth and efficient idle quality
•Screw-in air bleeds and idle feed restrictions for quick and unsurpassed tuning capability
•Dual inlet fuel bowls with sight glass windows on both fuel bowls for safe and easy float adjustment
•Universal throttle lever with sealed throttle shafts for years of smooth operation
•Tuneable secondary opening rate
•Tumble polished for long lasting shine

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Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm


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