HP23-86 Pump discharge screw (standard)



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Weight .10 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm
Holey Tuning Parts - Jets, Springs, etc

HP23-86 Pump discharge screw (standard), HP10-610-Black-Heavy, HP12-14 White 4150, HP12-25 Blue Pump Cam, HP12-40 Green Pump Cam, HP12-41 Wide Cam, HP12-44 Pink Pump Cam, HP12-45 Narrow Brown Pump Cam, HP12-46 Orange Pump Cam, HP12-47 White Pump Cam 4500, HP12-48 Yellow Pump Cam 4500, Carburettor Standard Main Jet – sizes 46 to 110, HP10-604-Yellow-(short)-Lighter, HP10-605-White-Lightest, HP10-606-Plain-Medium, HP10-607-Brown-Medium—Heavy, HP10-608-Yellow-Light, HP10-609-Purple-Medium—Light, HP23-88 Pump discharge screw (Hi flow), HP12-12 Assortment, HP-SAK1 Holley vacuum secondary install kit, Holley-Quick-Change-Kit, 36-181 Jet Assortment Kit, GENUINE HOLLEY ALCOHOL JET KIT 36-201 METHANOL DOUBLE PUMPER DOMINATOR


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