HP22-89 Throttle plate screw- 4500


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Brass Throttle Plate Screw to suit Holley Dominator

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Weight 0.05 kg
Holley Dominator Parts

HP22-89 Throttle plate screw- 4500, HP57-100 4500 THROTTLE STOP SCREW, HP12-47 White Pump Cam 4500, HP12-48 Yellow Pump Cam 4500, HP53-10 ANNULAR BOOSTER INSERT (600.ID) SILVER, HP53-52 4500 HP ANNULAR BOOSTER HOUSING, HP53-12 ANNULAR BOOSTER INSERT (600.I.D) GOLD, HP53-40 4500 TALL ANNULAR BOOSTER, HP57-62 4500 SEC THROTTLE LEVER & BUSHING ASSEMBLY, HP57-48 4500 PRIM THROTTLE LEVER (SOFT PROGRESSIVE), HP53-43 4500 SHORT ANNULAR BOOSTER HP, HP53-11 4500 SHORT ANNULAR BOOSTER, Holley 162-572 Billet Fuel Filter 260 GPH, Holley 162-571 Billet Fuel Filter 260 GPH


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