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This Holden 6 package is suited for an everyday driver which has very minimal engine modifications.

The package we have put together uses new quality parts and brand names and includes a professionally remanufactured 350cfm holley.

Remanufactured 350 Holley carburettor, List number 7448 fitted with a manual choke, comes with gaskets
New intake manifold to suit Holden red 6 cylinder
New 9″ chrome air filter assembly
New mounting studs, gaskets and fuel inlet fitting

These packages have been proven on these applications and have been put together for your convenience. Each application is different so dyno tuning is recommended to reach 100% performance and efficiency

**Please note these carburettors are currently built to order, feel free to contact us for handling time upon or prior to placing your order**

All our remanufacturing processes are carried out in house in our dedicated facilities.
Every single one of our carburettor bases are re-bushed for that factory feel on both primary and secondary shafts.
All surfaces are machined flat including the base plate to ensure vacuum-leak free operation
All fasteners have been checked over before being professionally re-plated.
Only genuine Holley parts and gaskets are used to give the consumer the best quality product available.
If we won’t use a particular product on our own cars, we wouldn’t offer it for sale as we only use the best.
Every one of our carburettors is hot run tested. This means that it fires up our test engine to check for mixture response, leaks, idle quality, and anything else that may stop the carburettor working as well as it looks. We offer 3 months warranty on all our remanufactured carburettors.
Our after sales service is just as good as our pre-sales service, meaning that if there are any concerns, you’re more than welcome to give us a call to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

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