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Are you having trouble with your carburettor?

No matter what the issue is, we can service your Holley, Rochester or Stromberg carburettor in house.
You have the option of dropping it off to us or sending it to us at our workshop address.

Our services include factory concourse restorations, conversions, calibrations for methanol, E85, supercharger, blow through, or even just a standard recondition.

With experience through all fields of circuit, off-road, drag race, speedway & marine we can modify your carburettor for any application.

When we recondition your carburettor you can be assured it is rebuilt to the highest standard.
Our carburettors are re-coloured and all small parts are re-plated, throttle shafts are rebushed and factory calibration checked.
Every carb is hot run tested to ensure correct operation before it goes out the door. Our quality and standard has set us apart from our opposition for more than 27 years. All our work is guaranteed and carbs come with 3 months warranty.

Pricing varies depending on the carburettor and the service so please feel free to contact us for pricing.


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