Billet 95MM LS Throttle Body w/low RPM Taper 112-585


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Holley’s BILLET LS Throttle Bodies are the BIGGEST BORE (in the 90 to 95mm category) – MOST FEATURE LOADED available. Holley went back to the drawing board and built the ultimate air valve for your LS engine! This all new design boasts a 95 millimeter bore and a low RPM drive friendly taper. Innovative features like Idle Bleed Adjustment, TPS CLOCKER, and closable PCV Passage Valve, make them the ultimate throttle bodies for ease of installation and tuning. Regardless of whether you have a turbo, supercharger, or a big cam engine sucking gulps of air, Holley’s throttle bodies are maximized for your application. The barrier protection of the BLACK ANODIZED finish also offers up a modern tech look!
TPS CLOCKER allows the TPS to be rotated back into the ECU’s required idle voltage range. Modified engines no longer suffer from problems related to TPS voltage!
IDLE BLEED allows adjustment of your idle without affecting throttle position or TPS voltages at idle!
PCV PASSAGE VALVE closes to accommodate forced induction applications! No more plugging to block off PCV!
OVERSIZED BORE compared to others in the 90 to 95mm category
TAPERED TRANSITION eliminates low RPM drivability issues
PREMIUM BILLET BODY supports the high tolerance design and look your performance engine deserves!
BLACK ANODIZED FINISH for superior corrosion resistance and serious good looks
CRUISE CONTROL provision built in for cruise control cable
Fits the following intake manifolds: Stock LS2, Stock LS3, Stock LS7, Holley LS Mid-Rise, Holley 95mm Hi-Ram, Fast™ LSX, Edelbrock Pro-Flo XT using 4 bolt TBs & Most other 90 through 95mm LS intakes using 4 bolt TBs

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