04431 Pro Race Fogger System 4Cyl.


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The NOS Pro Race Fogger system represents the ultimate in state?of?the?art direct?port nitrous injection technology. Simply stated, it produces the largest horsepower gains of any single stage nitrous system available today and is designed for all?out competition?only import four cylinder and rotary engines. Several top?running ?Pro? imports have recorded 7?second times with this system. The primary benefit of port injection is that fuel and nitrous are introduced into the intake tract of each cylinder individually and can be jetted to provide the optimum fuel/nitrous charge for each particular cylinder. Because of the cool, dense ?fog? like charge of atomized fuel and nitrous, it will produce optimum power. Some of the key components in this system are a Super Hi?Flo bottle valve, Pro Race solenoids (the highest flowing available) Y?shaped distribution blocks, stainless steel lines and annular discharge stainless steel nozzles. They are adjustable to produce power gains from 80 to well over 225 hp The pro race fogger system for Imports is offered in kit form. Get maximum power with complete reliability from the No. 1 name in nitrous for over 20 years…NOS

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